Gary Dolman

British Historical Fiction Writer...


Gary was born in 1963, in Low Fell, Gateshead, County Durham. After a career in sales and marketing, he began writing serious fiction rather late in life, at a time when the clouds had deepened around him sufficiently to throw life into perspective.


He writes crime fiction, dark, cerebral and in a literary style, basing his stories around Harrogate and the atmospheric north of England. His characters are taken from generations of the fictional 'Fox' family, beginning in the late 19th century with Atticus Fox and his wife Lucie.

Gary's debut novel, The Eighth Circle of Hell was first published by Thames River Press, an imprint of London-based Anthem Press, in late 2012. Covering such themes as the infamous Victorian Defloration Mania and senile dementia, it was awarded 'Fresh Blood' and 'Best Crime Novels of 2013' by the respected crime fiction ezine


The Eighth Circle of Hell has been optioned by British film-makers London Eye Films and is currently under development. It has been published since 2015 by Reynard Press.


2013 saw the publication of Red Dragon-White Dragon, again by Thames River Press. With its vivid themes of madness, obsession and revenge, it too was quickly optioned by London Eye Films and is currently under development as a TV pilot.


Red Dragon-White Dragon is published by Reynard Press.


The third novel in the Atticus & Lucie Fox, The Satyr's Dance, (Reynard Press, 2016) explores the juxtaposed themes of evolutionary science, religious zeal, and the esoteric revival as revealed by the rise of the occult secret societies of the time. A multi-layered and intelligent, Gothic mystery.

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